Sunday, 11 February 2018

He's still surviving

He's still holding on, I think I should actually finish this page (shhh, don't say it too loudly). I meant to finish the green off, but that didn't quite happen, and I seem to have done a lot of wing instead, but he's growing and that's the best thing at the moment, and I'm showing actual progress each week which is also a miracle at the moment. I will continue and I will finish the page.

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Three weeks and counting

I'm hanging on and so is he, and I have actual progress to show, look, the sky is finished, I'm so proud. I'm actually still getting on with him pretty well, however, a couple of other charts are absolutely begging me to start them. I've got a couple of bespoke charts that I got done recently that really want my attention, and a friend gave me a gorgeous Hocus Pocus needle minder a few days ago, and it's reminded me that I have a Hocus Pocus chart that would be such fun to start as well. But I'm trying to be good and keep working on this dude until the page finish, let's see how much longer I can last!

Sunday, 28 January 2018

He's survived onto his second week

We all know that I don't always have the best relationship with Dragon Rider, so every week that he manages to stay on the frame is another miracle. The target I set myself was to finish the moon, that didn't happen, but I have done bits that weren't included in that so it sort of evens out. I've managed to pick a couple of colours that actually give the page some shape to work from. I haven't had much time this week, so the fact that I've achieved this much is an absolute miracle, most days this week I've got home late from work had dinner and gone to bed, so my poor stitching (and consequently sanity) have suffered a little bit. I'm going to be (probably overly) optimistic and aim to have the sky finished by this time next week, so let's see how laughably far off that I am, especially as I've also got a couple of pieces of crochet that I want to work on next week. Also, I just sent a new pattern off to be printed, how long do we think I can last until I cave in?

Sunday, 21 January 2018

He's back (again)

Having only managed half a page last year, I said I was going to be good and try to show some actual progress on Dragon Rider last year, so here I am, trying to make good on that, my first colour on my first page is done. It's not much, but it's all a step in the right direction. And I reckon I only need to spend two more weeks on this to equal last years entire progress,s o hopefully I can make a really dent on this this year. I'm aiming for four pages, although I suspect that that is a little bit ambitious, knowing what I'm usually like. Watch this space!

Sunday, 14 January 2018

A page finish already!?!?!

Technically this is two pages, but seeing as one page is just the bottom two rows, I really don't think that it can be classified as two page finishes... it only just counts as one. It doesn't look like much, it's mostly just pretty swirls at the moment, but I'm proud of how much I've managed to get done this week. The next couple of weeks won't see as much progress (even vaguely), but I'm looking good for a couple of weeks time... so, who do you think is coming out to play next? 
Secondly my colourful blanket continues to be colourful... buying new colours for this is a little bit addictive now... I almost certainly have more than I need, but every time I see something pretty... and I want to include as many different dyers as possible!

Sunday, 7 January 2018

New Year...

And you know what that means. It must be time for a new start, and I seem to have accidentally had two, but their in different crafts, so it doesn't count as two new starts really! First up is my stitching start, this is one that had been on this list for a few months, and it fits in quite nicely with this months SAL subject with a group (it's almost as that I got to choose what order the SAL subjects were in). The SAL subject is love, and this is Princess Bride by Medusa Dollmaker from Geckorouge. And what says love more than a book/film about Twoo Wove? Also, our weddings rings have the words 'As you wish' engraved inside them, so it's love for so many reasons, and I love it.
Secondly is my crochet new start. This was last years blanket club from For the Love of Yarn, but I didn't want to start it until I had all of them so I could work out what order I wanted to do teh stripes in. It will get brighter as it goes on, I've gone for pretty much a rainbow theme, but there were a few greys to start with, it sort of makes sense when you see it, I hope so anyway. There may be another blanket start as this years blanket club will come in rainbow order so I can start it sooner. Also, I'm still debating one other blanket, there is a chance that I have a slight problem.

Sunday, 31 December 2017

Last update of the year, and the year in review!

So here's my last update for the year (and you know what that means, New Year - New Start - decisions decisions).
Cara Mia is growing, although in a slightly grey way, although I suspect that will be the theme of this piece... who'd have thought it!

And secondly, the year in review... what has and hasn't happened?

This blanket was started while I was away as a nice portable project, I'm willing to accept that it hasn't really grown yet.

This is Belle, more commonly known as 'The Beast' and she was 2016s New Year - New Start

Cara Mia, Mon Chere was a restart after making a mistake in 2016

Cut Thru will be a gift and is probably the only new start that I can actually justify

Dragon Rider before

And after, not a big difference, but at least there is a difference!

This was my wedding present to Ben, and was the bane of my life, but I'm quite proud of the result.

This was a baby present for the friend, the border was also not my favouite by the end.

Yet another blanket

And yet another, there's a chance that I need some kind of intervention

Sailor Moon, yet another new start.

Spirited Away, I have a problem, this may have also been a new start

This one has been about for years, and I finally finished the second lady, thanks to a SAL with some friends.
Wedding crafts, you would not believe how long all the flowers for my bouquet took to make

And finally, the wall of shame, here are the things that have not been touched this year! There's a chance that I hadn't realised quite how shameful my wall of shame actually was... but, my stitching and crochet makes me happy, so I'm just going to hold on to that fact, and in the mean time, here are the pretty pictures to look at. I should probably be ashamed of how many you can't actually identify from their picture but never mind... I love my hobby, and hopefully I will have more time this, with not having a wedding to organise, and I'm hoping that work will settle down at least a little bit this year!